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  • Hal

    @Mas ProjectInfo is back! It’s called ProjectINF now :)

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  • AppMaestro

    @ n33d: I think MoneyManager, EasyMoney and DailyCash are good finance apps

  • techcredo

    I can’t find ProjectInfo on the Market (or even on Google) at the moment either, I’m afraid. It seems to have gone up in smoke. I played it quite a lot in September last year.

  • Mas

    How do i find
    ProjectInfo – an online multiplayer capture-the-flag game.

    I tried all combinations of project and info, but it doesn’t show up in market. what do i have to search for?

  • Masoom

    I’ve tried looking for:
    ProjectInfo – an online multiplayer capture-the-flag game

    But can’t find it anywhere in Market – tried ‘ProjectInfo’, Project Info, ‘Project’, and none of them show this game.

    Can you tell me how to find it?

  • n33d

    Does anyone know of a good app for balancing an account?

  • techcredo

    Thanks for the app recommendations, Vicki! I’ll check them out.

  • vicki

    I like Buzzoff.. it will silent your phone for a set amount of hours and set your ringer back on in case you forget like i do and wonder why do i have so many vm’s i didn’t hear the phone ring…lol it will also do it by distance so say you dont know how long you will be somewhere but you have to enable the gps and it doesn’t work as well as the time setting on my eris… i tried locale but the gps thing would not customize precisely for me.

    another is pf voicemail. dont pay for verizons visual voicemail. pf vm is free and just forwards your missed calls to them…

    lightning bug… love the sound machine to fall asleep and then wakes me up. new update is acting funny though…

    ultimate shopper… shopping list to keep track of my total bill while shopping… lists ahead of time don’t work for me, i like to buy on sale then plan my meals..

    remind me… a great app so i don’t have to put my movie rentals in my calendar to let me know to return them

    my coupons… real time coupons, what else can i say?

    easymoney… great app to track multiple accounts, easy to enter transactions, bill minder lets you choose which account to pay the bill from…

    augsatnav… real time navigation like the motodroid… puts white line on the road in front of you when you point the camera at it, will give you walking and driving directions…

    movies by flixster… let you keep a list of the movies you want to see, gives you movie times at all local theaters, movie synopses, new movies coming up…

    tv guide.. all local listings of your cable company

    i agree, 30 great apps are better than 80 ok apps…

    vic, my first smartphone was an android

  • Anonymous

    How about Strip Poker? Market url: market://search?q=senior+dev+1

  • Alfons

    My favourite file manager is AndroZip File Manager.