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  • Android expert

    Using roms is some what in the grey area of legal and illegal…

  • bayu

    Nice article!
    hope you give more description about all emulator
    that you mention above!
    Btw,what do you think best gba emulator
    for samsung galaxy gio?

  • http://www.roms4droid.com Jacob

    There is a specific website for Android Emulation, it’s http://www.roms4droid.com

    Good Luck

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  • ganpati23

    Sorry for being an idiot, but I’ve downloaded the Android C64 emulator.

    How do I get the games?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who helps.

    • techcredo

      Google “commodore 64 roms”.

  • Ajay

    Question for the author, on the Commodore Amiga 500 Emulation. What game is that in the provided photo? It looks familiar.

    • techcredo

      It’s Moonstone – one of my favorite Amiga games.

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