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  • Peter Mills

    My S2 is stuck at the ODIN MODE which says Downloading…. Do not turn off target !!

    How do I get out of this? if I can’t turn off what other alternatives do I have, please help

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  • http://www.mysgs2.com My SGS2

    Thank you – so strange to have to look up some knowledge on the SGS2. I installed a ROM earlier and the damn thing appeared to brick my SGS2 annoyingly. I tried all the key cominations just not the ones you have documented above, so happy you have helped me out of a fix.

  • Denis Vaughan

    Thank you for this INVALUABLE information (just the recovery mode bit). Phone went into a permanent loop of system apps force close and I could do nothing on start-up. The Recovery Mode reboot fixed. PHEW!!!!

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