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  • vasimullah khan

    Thanks… it helped me alot

  • Hasibul Chowdhury

    Are you sure you are using a Samsung Galaxy S2? Because the one I’m using doesn’t have a fucking physical “HOME” button.

    • techcredo

      I am quite sure, yes. You are most likely using a version of the Galaxy S2 that has been customized by a US carrier. They like to meddle :)

      • Josue

        No, it’s just a different model. There’s no such thing as a normal version anymore with Samsung devices.

    • Anonymous

      erm the big squarevbutton on the bottom !!!!!

    • vurp0

      The “normal” Galaxy S II looks like this: http://1.androidauthority.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/img_S2dimensions.jpg

      You’re probably using some version customized by a carrier. They like to replace the buttons on the bottom with 4 soft buttons.

  • Karen

    Have rooted my samsung galaxy s2 using foil 1.3 but forgot to flash the rom and now the phone wont charge as its gone flat so cant turn on. Any suggestions

  • Shabz

    Hi there, I loaded ICS 4.0.3 and now my s2 hangs and is non responsive to some apps, I want to load the original OS, how and where? PLs help

  • Arun

    Thanks a lot. helped me too. I was stuck in MIUI boot loop and didn’t know how to get to the recovery.

  • Ishay

    Thanks a lot. thought I was going crazy.

  • Raymond

    Thanks, this brief article helped me get my galaxy s2 back up and running, though i’m not installing a custom rom again.

  • Darunia


    Your article helped me, thank you.
    Can you explain how you accessed to your samsung memory with your problem, to change the rom ? With a SD card ? How to access sd card with the recovery menu ?

  • txarnge

    i can’t root my galaxy s 2 ….can anybody help me for me.

  • Omar

    Thankyou so much you helpme so much.

  • samer

    after a wipe..

  • samer

    its a known bug btw
    all u gotta do is boot back in flash it AGAIN
    and it boots