• http://www.androidever.com/ androidever

    nice tutorial thanks for share

  • laziotunisia

    working fine with my galaxy note 4.0.4 , now i can install and update all apllication
    many thanks

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  • kuruc

    i did everything and nothing worked until i reset the phone. now it works but i lost everything :/

  • Kevin

    None of these fixes had any effect on my HTC Inspire 4G running Android 2.3.3

    I have just over 98mb of free space on the phone and I cannot install a 4mb app nor can I update any existing app on my phone.

  • Shoaib

    I tried to open manage applications in settings but instead of opening that it keeps on loading without showing any results or application list . please help . thanks

  • randy

    then it came back no fix

  • randy

    the fix was the last suggestion disinstalling market updates

  • raduboy7

    In my market it that the item it will be downloaded but the item it will never download

  • kirca

    Htc wildfire S after system update to 2.3.5 – cannot install or update any app from Market… If you receive a “Download unsuccessful” message when attempting to download an app, try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:

    Don’t try cleaning cache and data from Download Manager and Android Market, restart the phone ect… (this recommendation from official android market help center doesn’t works).
    Lot of people solved only with uninstalling the update from Download Manager.

    (Also for me help only this):
    Go to settings > applications > manage apps > all, select the download manager > clear cache > clear data and after that tap “uninstall the update”.

    Don’t worry the Download Manager would reset to factory settings and not uninstall whole Manager – only the update.

    Only bug is in the update for Download Manager not in Android Market.

    • Shonal

      I did what you said….cleared the data n cache….but I can’t find the “uninstall the update” button anywhere….

  • kirca (kmuce)

    After update system from 2.3.3 to 2.3.5 may you have some problems with Android Market.

    If you receive a “Download unsuccessful” message when attempting to download an app, try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:

    * For paid applications, confirm your credit card information is up to date by signing in to your Google Wallet account.
    * Clear your Market cache (visit Settings > Applications > Clear cache).
    * Restart your phone, then try downloading the app again.
    * Wait 10 minutes, and try your download again.
    * Confirm there is connectivity to either a wireless or cellular network on your device, and contact your mobile service provider if you aren’t connected.
    * Ensure there’s enough space on your phone or tablet for the app to install.
    *** If none of the above steps work, try remounting your SD card.
    *** Visit Menu > Settings > Storage > Unmount SD card; then remount the SD card from the same menu by selecting Remount SD card, or restart the device if the remount option isn’t available.

  • Anonymous

    I havent tried this yet but if you are someone like me who just got their android and hasnt downloaded any apps anyways you can just go settings>repair and formatting>reset android and maybe that will work but i havent tried it yet myself so i dont know.