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  • Anonymous

    Sorry did a search again and this time found something on google:

    Before I was searching the market and I guess I couldn’t find any thing in all the million online galler apps (like for Flickr etc)

  • Cody-7

    I have a Droid X and the stock app Verizon / moto put on there is pretty lacking. This is a bit better (mainly faster) but the interface kind of wastes screen space and there’s NO SETTINGS!

    What I’d really like to see is an app like the newer HTC phones where you have a “fimstrip” view and it doesnt waste screen space and awkwardly tilt when you tilt the phone like the 3D Gallery here (and you can’t turn that off)

    Just kinda surprised there aren’t more gallery alternatives out there.

  • lubomir

    Similar application as Live Wallpaper: https://market.android.com/details?id=binarts.wallpaper.pwalw

  • QWake

    QR codes appearing partially under videos causing them not to work (Latest Chrome). Open in new tab gets around this.

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  • techcredo

    You’re welcome. WinZip is another popular application for handling compressed files. Regarding the GPS issue, are you sure it’s activated in the settings? You can see if it is from here: Menu > Settings > Location > Use GPS satellites. Good luck!

  • skb

    Thanks a lot. After using Win RAR & extracting, the file is saved as Gallery3D.apk. Are there any applications which can directly open rar, zip files. One more query if you can help… my GPS applications are not working after I upgraded from android 1.5 to 2.1. Earlier all gps applications were working smoothly. Any solution… Thanks in advance.

  • techcredo

    The Gallery3D.apk installation file is compressed in order to save space, and you need to extract the RAR archive before you can install the app. I recommend WinRAR: http://rarlabs.com/

  • skb

    What do you mean by extract the archive on your computer. This will result in Gallery3D.apk. It is saved with .rar extension on the computer?