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  • Daniel

    Anybody tired it on Sony Ericsson Xperia X2? Can it work?

  • jake

    is it working on micromax w900?????????????

  • techcredo

    @alex Try to connect your device to your computer using the USB-cable. Slide down Android’s notification bar (window shade), tap on the USB connected icon and then press the Mount button.

    If nothing happens, then your port likely doesn’t have USB support yet. But you can always connect your phone to your computer via Windows Mobile as usual, and access your SD card that way.

    • jake

      hey dude, is it working on any window phone?

  • alex

    i cant sync my android with computer(((

  • Falken

    Did you try this from the mini FAQ?

    “To enable the data connection in Android, you probably need to enter your APN settings manually from Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access point names. If you don’t know what APN settings to enter, check with your service provider.”

  • andy

    i can’t enable data conection… help :(