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  • Carlos

    Great tip.. works like a cham for me.. Thanks

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  • solan

    I cant get this to work either, my Nexus S (2.3.3) will not install this app.

    How can I fix the “me” pic?

    • lucia

      (the same happened to me, the app woudnt install)
      Hi guys, i discovered a way to put it so it wont dissapear.
      i didnt have to download the app, so i made it simpler, i just went to the “about my phone”>”status”>”my phone number” and there is where you have to pay atention. you have three blancs: click on one of them and it will pop up a place where you can “edit your name” so you have to put your number there (not your name) and then repeat the action on the two left blancs.
      so, its the same that the post says, the difference is that you dont need the app. another thing; remember to put your number exactly like listed in gmail.
      Sorry for the bad english :) Im from argentina, thanks for the post, it really helped me.
      send me an email to tell me if it worked well on your smartphones.

  • gmp

    the same for me … unknown reason-8 …………

  • Katie

    Thanks! Worked very well, no more grey square :)

  • http://inkredi.blogspot.com Mostapha Samuel

    Thanks alot!!! I found it very useful ;)

  • Ken

    Thanks for the post! I’m also using Dell Streak 2.2 like the other commenter, and have the installation error too.

    anyways, hope the dev solves this soon or if there’s a better solution.
    I’ve tried using another phone (sony ericsson) to key in my phone no. but reverting back to dell streak, my phone no. still reflects as ‘unknown’..

  • techcredo

    I contacted the developer of the “My Phone Number” app, he was very kind and promised he would try and find out what’s wrong. So hopefully there will be a fix soon :)

  • techcredo

    @Putz Yes, that works :) But if you want to add your own contact picture directly from your phone via the Messaging app instead of via Gmail on your computer, it’s easier to do it like this:

    1. Tap the “Me” icon and press the “Contact” button instead of “Call”.
    2. Press the hardware Menu button and select “Edit contact”.

    Did the SIM card phone number you specified with “My Phone Number” survive a reboot on your Android?

  • Putz

    I just got it …
    You install ‘ My phone number’ and add your number
    Next go to Messages and click on ‘Me’
    Click on call..
    End it
    Go to call log and click on your number
    Press menu and click on ‘Edit Contact’
    There you can put up a picture for your number



  • techcredo

    I’m not sure why you got that error message on your Streak, but it might not support the app for some reason. I need to find a better solution anyway, because the number I specify with “My Phone Number” on my HTC Desire is apparently forgotten after each reboot.

  • Nom

    I can’t install the “My Phone Number” app – I just get “Installation Error Unknown Reason -8″.
    Any ideas ?
    Dell Streak running Android 2.2 Froyo official ROM.

    • Richard H

      I get the same error message. Have not found a solution yet. Infuriating!!