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  • Dyrek

    Excellent! My headset was not functioning at all. Checked them in a PC and they worked fine, so they were not the problem. Using the above technique reset my phone and headset works again.

    Thank You!! :-)

  • Demetrio

    GREAT!!! I have been looking for this solution for a year and a half!!!

    I owe yoouuuuu!
    I love my desire but I hated to open it and pull out the battery so often!
    You saved me so much stress!

    An other tip like this

  • Sirry

    Didn’t work on my Desire
    It half starts and never gets to a solid screen.
    The soft reboot does not work :(

  • Stijn

    Thx for the tip. Really helpful :]

  • Krista

    This posting was extremely helpful!! Thank you so much for the soft reboot technique! It worked and now I don’t have to make a special trip in to my cellular dealer! I appreciate people like you who take the time to help people like me. Thanks again :o)

    • techcredo

      Thanks, your comment made my day :)