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  • Anonymous

    Can anyone help me i accidently deleted my build.prop and reboot the device but it won’t open anymore its stuck with this logo android.

  • Babs

    Thank you for this.
    My HTC Desire HD was BootCycling for three days.
    I tried with instructions from various others which didn’t help.
    However I can’t offer you a completely clear victory, as previously I had repeatedly removed the battery, removed the 8Gb SD card and mounted it on my MacBook, removing the contents of the AppSaver folder, plus all photos, drawings, recordings…. stopped or uninstalled any apps I thought might be causing the problem, (whenever the phone stayed on long enough for me to do so!) etc., etc.

    About a week beforehand, I had installed GoLauncherEx and was enjoying its possibilities. Did I create too many note widgets and app-folders on my screens?

    I had then installed ADW and Claystone, to compare, but hadn’t yet started using them.
    Did I install too many apps? What?

    I really need to know what’s going on here….
    This has happened four or five times in 16 months, which I feel is undependable and just slightly ridiculous.

    I need to feel secure….
    Surely the Android system is equipped with some way of informing me when I’ve gone too far in one way or another? And if not, why not?

    AVG is there to tell me if there’s something dangerous going on, and having used it on Windows for years, I expect it to do the same on Android. As things stand, I have no real way of knowing how I can prevent this catastrophe from happening again in future.

    Is my SD card faulty? Or is it the hard drive? Maybe it’s a software fault….?

    Although Mac has been my mainframe for years, I started on Windows and am now ventu ring into Linux. Being an undoubted wannabe-geek, I was intrigued by and attracted to the Android system, and actually followed the phone with an Android tablet. But unfortunately, at this moment, I am seriously questioning whether it is anything other than a superficial toy.

    Especially when, at times like these, I’m forced to pull the ancient Windows Mobile 5 out of the bottom drawer because it still does what it said on the box roundabout eight years ago! (Except for WiFi!! And syncing is still a nightmare of multiple entries, so I’ve ditched that idea completely!)

    But basically I switch it on, report my activities in the calendar knowing that I can transfer the entries to various other desktop cals, set alarms, write in Office using the slide-out keyboard if I want to, draw and paint, read my Tarot cards, (I don’t do games)…. whatever! All this however, on an unfortunately small screen.

    New phones ROCK for real estate!
    I got the DHD because it was the biggest one I could find at the time!
    I was on the verge of learning how to create Android apps myself!
    Shall I persevere, or give it up?

  • Marc Huggard

    Dude, you stopped me from going insane and for that I genuinely and whole-heartedly thank you. This worked…to a degree (as I did not know which app was f**king up the phone I pretty much had to scrap all and start again—–but the key word is START….that is SO much more than I could do in my infinite loop it is awesome.

    PS: This is the absolute FIRST message I have EVER left ANYWHERE on the web….thanks again.

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