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  • Xavier

    Hey, Touiteur sounds exactly like Twitter, at least for French ears.

  • http://moinet.ru gesh

    Replace your winamp with poweramp

    • techcredo

      Thanks for the tip! I know many people really enjoy PowerAmp, but I’ve been loyal to the good ol’ Winamp. I’ll finally give it a try now.

  • http://www.geakz.com Geakz

    Sent a link of this article to my Catch account via my Moto Droid browser (Miren). Now I’m reading it on my home P.C. whilst chillaxin.

  • Phil

    Regarding keyboards, I had a laugh here. My primary keyboard is SlideIT – simply the best for sliding keyboards. The only other keyboard I use – 8pen :) Not the fastest, but fun to use sometimes.

    Glad to see Quick Settings get a shout out there as well. Been using that one since day 1 as well.

    • techcredo

      Guess 8pen is a keyboard you either love or hate :) I actually think Dasher is a lot worse, but it gets points for being so experimental and whacky.