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  • Noam Sheffi

    Hi All

    i would like to share with you new live wallpaper app by the name FLY PUNCH LIVE WALLPAPER
    Fly Punch is a live 3D animated wall paper which is also a game. It is designed for Android platform v2.1 and above.

    The Fly Punch game is fun and simple, you can have up to 5 flies flying on your screen and you need to try and catch them. you can even set their flying speed.

    The game will count your score and remember your high score but you need to beware, if you don’t kill a fly for 30 seconds, your score goes back to zero!!!

    you must check it :)

  • http://Freebeer.com.au Brettreasure

    Check out Mandala. Used to be called nim/bim. Very trippy. Very clever.