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  • Frank

    This has some of the most customization I have ever seen in a free live wallpaper. Whenever i get bored with one of the setting I can just change it to something new and fall in love with it all over again.


  • gmanhi

    I must recommend Asian rain live wallpaper. The best matrix live wallpaper available

  • https://market.android.com/ Olga

    “Frozen Window” – new free Android live wallpapers so realistic! Try it!

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  • clickyourheels

    My favorite live wallpaper has this cool scanner effect. Its free and there are different versions with the same effect but different theme pictures. Just now one for halloween came out – really nice: https://market.android.com/details?id=de.pimpdroid.wallpaper.halloweenfree

    Here also the website of the dev: http://www.live-wallpaper-android.com

  • http://www.androidgamesfree.com heandyln

    How can I download them?

  • behzad

    How can I download them?

  • Alcheb

    I just downloaded this “Flying through the Clouds”
    Airplane flying through the clouds. Beautiful animation. Pretty cool livewallpaper.

  • http://raresbarbantan.appspot.com/ Rares

    I hope you’ll enjoy playing with this physics based live wallpaper as much as I did writing it

  • pammygirl89

    Your wallwapers/ backgrounds totally suck. Srry. Jst telln it like it is.

  • Z3t4 Apps

    If you love your friends this the perfect livewallpaper for you!! Highly customizable and integrated with Google Contacts, this app allow you see your friends faces spreading around your screen each time you tap the device!

    Try it! There are both: FULL and FREE version!!




  • David

    This is a really cool clock one. There’s a free version too, but the paid one has a ton of customization stuff.