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  • noirelion

    Oh come on- this is good if you are secretly an iPhone wanna-be. But I don’t live in a cave or the swamplands or middle 4g-less America. I live on the East Coast and 4g blazes at speeds up to 20megs! And this cute lil nothing has no 4g!!!!!!!
    Come on! Oh wait …I’m sorry. I forgot! You people are EVO-less! OMG I’m so sorry. Truly Unlimited Data at 4g speeds- u dont have. I’m sorry. I didnt mean to pick on the Evo-less!

  • DJ

    does the rom have the camcorder working unlike oxygen (2.3)? Do all the phones functions work, custom ringtones and bits as I read somewhere else there were problems with this?
    thanks, great article

  • Scarlett

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