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  • Nick Dellorto

    There’s one way to take all of this stuff, and make it not true.
    Jailbreak. The iPhone is an awesome device! The App Store is censored. But if you jailbreak it, then who cares about app store we got cydia. Don’t tell me you don’t love the apple designs. We don’t worship anybody with Apple. Steve Jobs and now Tim Cook are awesome, but it’s not like they made the entire thing by themselves. I bet Andy Rubin wishes he had an iMac.

  • Gilbert

    I really don’t like the way Apple is now censoring apps and contents on iPads and iPhones…

  • Brian

    Calpa, The article objectively makes a lot of points on how Apple does business in a negative way. Instead of calling him a fanatic why not make a real argument to explain why you think he is off base.

  • Calpa

    It’s always refreshing to see how the ‘anti-Apple’ squad is unable to see that, when accusing a group of people based on a preference in consumer products, they’re even worse in their fanaticism.

  • Brian

    thank you for this article! I could not agree more and I have been saying this stuff for years, way before the iPhone was out. Apple has always been this way! I get so frustrated with the iFlock, I usually just tell them to stay asleep and then I walk away.