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  • Anonymous

    While this is certainly a well-written article, at this pour all but two of those criticisms no longer apply.

  • hitfan

    I got an iPod Touch for Christmas, my very first Apple product. I really like the device, in spite of the fact that you raise some very good points. But because I use it primarily for reading email, PDFs, playing games and listening to internet radio, podcasts and music, I think it’s great.

    I have a smartphone that runs Windows HTC, and while it does have some cool features, it doesn’t run nearly as fast and smoothly as my iTouch. I’ll use it when I’m out of Wi-Fi range.

    I do agree that no built-in radio was a big mistake. That’s a standard feature even on cheap $10 MP3 players.

    The reason why the iPhone/itouch is so successful is because it is a really well-designed piece of hardware and software. I don’t really care about running 2 applications at the same time, the apps usually remember the last state they were in when you close them. To me, being forced to use the home/stop button to exit an app is a FEATURE and provides for a much faster and smoother experience. Every time I see relatives who ask me to “fix their computer” when I visit them, I find that they have hundreds of useless applications running in the background because they don’t show restraint when they install everything they see on the web (ie: “Click here to increase your web-surfing speed by up to 5 times!”).

    Steve Jobs and Apple have stumbled onto a gold mine, again.

  • Stone

    I’ve been for 2 years already an iPhone owner and I must say: iPhone is unique! No other handheld has its own OS! But, despite of what I said, iPhone is indeed the most overrated handheld in the history. And most of all, overpriced! I changed recently my 3G for another device (private reasons), a Sony Xperia X1i. And I must say: the X1i is better for functionality and features. I really regret to say that (I am for many years MAC user), but I have to be honest: WinMo beats OSX in terms of handhelds.


  • ch.raghavender

    ipple phone is verygood phone

  • http://www.quadronyx.org/blogs/fallen/ Todd Harbour [ Krayon ]

    After writing a why do people buy iPhone’s blogpost ( http://www.quadronyx.org/blogs/fallen/2009/07/06/why_the_iphone_sucks_so_much ) I stumbled upon yours :-) A much more detailed write-up, very nice. Incidentally according to the page I was reading, the amazing iPhone now supports MMS!

    @skep: Whilst this may be true, it’s hardly acceptable to need to do so. Also, does this not void your warranty? I’d rather buy a decent product to start with than buy a crap one at a crazy price and have to jump through dangerous (warranty) hoops to make it bearable.

  • http://dontbeaskeptik.com/ skep

    that is only true for people who dont jailbreak……all of the software setbacks are null and void