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  • DEGE

    I’m rather confused. I did the change and translated my N97-Mini CVB to Spanish and everything seems to work fine.
    The issue came up when I tried to connect to the 3G service here in Argentina. Seems that there are some parameters that are related to Europe countries vs American countries.
    Can anyone help me to know if is there any way or model I should use to get it compliant with Argentina’s 3G service (as far as I know it uses the same frequency as US)
    Would appreciate any help indeed…

    • techcredo

      It’s likely that flashing the wrong firmware can disable 3G. And you’re sure that the actual hardware supports Argentinian 3G? If so, I suggest you do the entire process all over again, and make sure you select a product code from Argentina, or from a Spanish speaking country that you’re certain uses the same frequencies. Good luck!

  • tate

    Hi. Managed to debrand my Nokia 6500 slide from Orange in UK. I used the DCT4 tab instead of BB5 tab, initially missed the part of switching phone off after changing code. Any thanks for the info as l just wanted to do it for fun and it was successfull.

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  • techcredo

    I’m afraid I don’t know the difference between a CV and EMEA. Regarding whether or not a firmware comes with Spanish, I suggest you try and ask Nokia support about that. I’m also pretty sure the standard European models come with Spanish as an option. I use a Scandinavian product code myself, and not one that is specific to Sweden. The more users a product code has, the quicker it will get new firmware updates. Perhaps this one will do the trick? 0570817: RM-505_EMEA_EURO_QW1 Black

    I actually asked the Swedish Nokia support department what product code they have on their N97s, and I used that one.

  • jasalta387

    Thanks for the info!

    Maybe you can help me with this one as well. Do you know what is the difference between a CV (country variant) and EMEA?

    How can I know if a specific firmware variant (say UK) comes with Spanish language (of course, without actually having the phone flashed) This way, I wouldn’t need to use a single workaround. I know, I’m a bit picky :)

  • techcredo

    Yes, I did get a few problems with the hardware QWERTY actually. I can type all characters, but they are not always located where the keys say they are. And I have to use the Symbol Screen to insert commas. It’s no problem once you get used to it, though, and besides those minor inconveniences, the keyboard works like a charm.

    I checked various Spanish N97 product codes with Navifirm, and this one has the latest firmware version available (21.0.45): 0576360: RM-505_EMEA_SPAIN_QW Black

    Good luck!

  • jasalta387

    Didn’t you have problems with the keyboard? I know that depending on the country, keyboards are different. I want to include Spanish among the list of available languages in my phone, I have a Dutch phone (I believe the same keyboard layout as in UK).

    It’s very difficult to find out if any of the firmwares has both the keyboard layout that my phone has, and the Spanish language. Any ideas?

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