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  • techcredo

    Just came up with another device the N97 can replace: a guitar tuner.

  • daniel

    Sensor de proximidad, de luz, metal detector, control remoto tv, alta calidad de sonido, lector de código de barras…

  • mohit

    yes nokia n97 mini is best mobile phone ….now a days….i also have
    ..nokia n97 mini….
    very interested features in this mobile….

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  • http://www.daneshzaki.com/ Danesh

    Excellent thoughts! Only negative point though is that a large battery is required to power so many features. That might offset a part of the weight savings.

  • http://vinitneo.com/ vinitneo

    excellent article… I think N97 is almost as powerful as netbooks. My PC usage reduced ever since I started using N97. It has everything- social networking, chat, ebooks, office, full fledged browsers like Opera Mobile, symtorrent for torrent downloads, podcasts, movies, music…… what else am I missing?

  • http://breathlesstao.vox.com/ breathlesstao

    Excellent article. I think you could also add barometer – with the AccuWeather widget coming preinstalled, it might as well goes for one such as well. :) Then of course, you could add an infinite number of encyclopedias and other books too – first one is obviously the internet itself (wikipedia, to mention one only), the second is the ebooks/pdfs that are so easily accessible and readable too.

  • Arunabh

    You probably missed one thing , the FM transmitter .

    This very well compliments your car Audio system and eliminates the need to carry your collection of DISCs while on a move