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  • mr.rockbot

    i installed dos and it seems to work properly but i can only type in numbers when i´m in dos. i didn´t find any sym-key. my mobil is a nokia n86 8mp. what would i give to play dune2! still great work! thx!

  • noika e5 user

    had to edit config to 360×240 mem=4
    worked perfect until i went to type something!!
    keymap dosent fit, tryed to cycle modes but still no improvement,
    buttons line up except the ones that doubble as numbers ie:
    m+g, h=V ect… is there one avail for my model, cuz im too dull to try to edit it, thx

  • Guest007

    Is there any chance to write this in dos box _.Cuz it req for much games,I cant find any solution.

  • reckless

    :(..i’m having a lot of problems with signing applications,almost every single program requiers signing.Is there any easy way to learn that,any guide,video post,can it be done via phone?

    Thanks for help

    • techcredo

      Check out this guide for instructions:

      Good luck!

  • bhs

    I use a n97 mini btw.

  • bhs

    Hi, got the whole thing too work, but now i cant see what to type since the screen is just a quarter of the full screen. how do I increase the screen size? Its sentered in the middle.

    • techcredo

      Open dosbox.conf with Notepad on your desktop and edit the lines devicescreenwidth and devicescreenheight. But if you’re using my configuration files available in this guide and you carry a N97, the screen shouldn’t be small. Check the first step in the tutorial. Good luck!

      • bhs

        Hepp, tried to recopy the .conf file as ordered and noticed that this time the resolution was set to 640×460 instead of 320×240 that was before. this time it worked. thanks. now theres only a problem with the letters being cut on the top, but thats minor and not so important. Just have to find out how to type ” : ” now cause that was problematic:)


  • Anonymous

    Which version from the s60dosbox sourceforge page works with the n97? does the “newer” release candidates work, or should the older 20090623 version be used?

  • Guest1212

    Is there any diffrent way to download that program for DOS memory except with sign?

  • Reckless

    Hello there,I have a little problem,I don’t know how to launch game,when I write CD and name of the game,it says unable to change to :ex.worms.Also tryed Dir .exe and it dosen’t work :/.Please can someone help me.Thanks

    • techcredo

      Type CD “name of the folder where your game is located”, hit Enter, and then just type the name of the game’s .EXE and press Enter again to launch it. If you don’t know the name of the .EXE, type in “Dir .exe”

  • user nokia n97 mini

    when i want to start the game .game dosen’t start game is doom

  • G

    try setting dosbox memsize=4

  • Anonymous

    How do i use the letter keys with not a QWERTY phone, like N95 ?