• Limony

    Lesa – I have the N97 Mini too and I had the same problem in Quake 2, I changed the keys in Virtual key with another app named VirtualKeyboard, this is a aplication that show a numeric keyboard in the screen, If you load VirtualKeyboard, later you enter in VirtualKey and load the keymap of Quake. You can delete the keys that are in Custom mode 1 and create new keys in this map.

    For example: in the map of techcredo is {M}=>{8} this wants to say that the number “8” in a telephone pad is the letter “M” in the keyboard of N97 ok? You can try to delete this an add a new key for example {A}=>{8} with the virtual keyboard. When you set “add” in options of VirtualKey the application request two things: Original key: you select the letter of n97 kb that you like, and Mapped key: you select the number of VirtualKeyboard app that you like. This app have diferent modes if you install the same version of me I prefer to use Default mode (It’s the most simple to use) press purple “+” to see the number pad, and right ” – ” to minimize. You can use the thelephone pad keys as 0 to 9, * and #

    Note: Don’t delete this -> {Enter}=>{LSK} and {C}=>{RSK} they are special keys needed. Make sure yourself of save after mapped the new keys, you can select the custom map 1 or another.

    Regards from Spain. And again… sorry about my english. I hope that this are useful for you or somebody.

  • lesa

    I have problem with keys in Quake 1, i have nokia n97 MINI.. how do I change keymap so that func key is for jumping, i’ve managed to make shift key for fireing, but cant make func key for jumpin :(

  • Anonymous

    Hi Techcredo,

    I give you techcredits!! Thx for the solution for my problem. I think that more people are glad with this. The games run smooth and the keymap is perfect.

    Thanx again!!!

  • techcredo

    Hi Percy! Follow these steps to copy the custom keymap to the N97’s mass storage:

    1) Connect your N97 to your computer with your USB cable, and select the “Mass storage” mode on your device when prompted.
    2) Open your computer’s file manager, and you should see the N97’s mass storage listed among the available drives.
    3) Open the Private folder on the mass storage, and copy the keymap file to the folder called e7d61da9. If the Private/e7d61da9 folder does not exist, create it first.

    Hope this helps! Good luck.

  • percy

    Hi, great tutorial thx for that!

    I have only one problem:
    “Next step is copying a custom keymap for Virtual Key. Download VirtualKey_Quake_Keymap.rar, and place custom1.keymap in the folder Private/e7d61da9 on your mass memory. If the folder doesn’t exist, create it.”

    I can’t acces the private folder. I tried so many ways. Like: using Activefile, x-plore and some other ways. I have cert and key, so I did sign everything’, but still no access :-( .
    I am very experienced and fanatic mobile game player (1st on N95 and now on N97 a few hours a day), dealt with a lot of obstacles, but this is a bridge to far. I have newest firmware on N97.

    Please tell me how you did it or another way to handle the private-folder-issue.

    THX IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Limony

    I find a page to download Quake II sountraks:


    I hope that be useful!

  • Limony

    I obtained to change the keys using virtual key and adding new keys and deleting others that It was not using, I use another application called virtual keyboard to choose the numbers of a telephone pad to change the keys, now I have the letters near caps key operating!!! a, s, z… Only a one problem after change de keys and try in the game I forgot to save the map key and now I do this again :P

    A DOS EMULATOR!!! THIS IS GREAT!!! I go to download this now and try it!!! jejeje But I don’t know that i can do this :P

    I try and say you something!!!!

  • techcredo

    Hi Limony, thanks for the feedback! Quake 2 crashes on my N97 as well when I dive into water. I tried closing all other apps before launching the game in order to free up some RAM, but that didn’t help :)

    Regarding the questions:

    1) Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a specific Quake/Virtual Key keymap for the N97 Mini. Can you not use the Mini’s arrow keys in the game? I hoped that they basically would have the same function as a joystick/D-pad.

    2) I don’t have the original Quake 2 soundtrack, but there are probably copies of it floating around the Internet.

    3) The Quake games work because they have been ported to Symbian by a gentleman named Hinkka. A game like the (malevolent) Carmageddon hasn’t been ported, but you might be able to run it via a DOS emulator like DOS BOX. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I might write a tutorial for it later on.


  • Limony

    (First: sorry for my english i’m from spain)
    I install Quake II on my N97 Mini and works good!!! This post is great!!! And remember when I play on my pc about 1996 or 97 and it’s great that I playing now on my movile. The image quality is excelent and the game works “impressivement” fast, save and loads game, save the controls (I charge your map whit virtual key, changing the controls inside the game after), etc…

    Only I find a one bug, when you enter inside the water the game crashes :(, only that I can do is change de video options to open GL whit the minimun quality, this works too slowly, I do this to pass the water places in game. I don’t know if in the N97 crashes this too.

    I have three questions to do:

    1. You knows that N97 Mini don’t have a cursor on keybord. Your configuration uses the keys Space, erase, enter, arrows, o, l, i, k, u, j, m, n, q, w and mayus but the other keys don’t work, exist a map of virtual key thats includes the keys a, z, s and x keys ( I play whit scrolls to move and mayus to fire, q and w to see up and down, k and l to strafe, and its very dificult to play whit this configuration XD)

    2. Your have the archives of músic? because the cd game don’t have the MP3 and another sound archive.

    3. I see that Quake 2 works perfectily on N97 I like to know if it’s possible to play with another pc game as a CARMAGEDDON jajaja this will be perfect!!! Only a sugestion :P.

    Thanks for this post, it’s great.

  • techcredo

    I’m pretty sure there is no properly signed version of Virtual Key at the moment, so I’m afraid you probably will have to sign it yourself. If you go to the website below and register for an account, you will have your certificate within a day or so:


  • Larentius

    I got the “virtualkey.v1.00.s60v3.symbianos9.1.signed” from ziddu.com. Must I sign it anyway to get it to work? Installation of Virtual Key stopps at “Demanded application access not obtained” /L