• Eriq

    Hello man! Thanks for this great tutorial…I got everything to work on my n97 mini :) Only thing I can’t get to work is saving the ROMS… I only have Vbagx..registered of course…and say…SUper mario advanced…i click C and it says continue save and continue or save and quit…i click all of those..and saves..but then when i open game again..i have to start all over again…even on my phone memory the .sav doesn’t appear :(

  • lakilla

    i can’t get anything to work. my unit doesn’t support the vbag, not SIS.files either. massive help here, please

    • techcredo

      And your unit is..? I’d be happy to help you if you give me a bit more details.

  • niraj

    hey have u any idea how can play all n8 hd games in n97 if u have then please e-mail me my e-mailid:dr.nirajkhandhadia@gmail.com

    • techcredo

      I’m pretty sure that it’s not possible. The N97’s hardware is too obsolete and slow in comparison, and it runs an older version of Symbian.

  • Yami Prem


    Very thorough guide for the newbies. Good job. ;)

    I have managed to get vBag up and running on my N97 as perfect as possible.

    I have a question though, is it possible to resize the screen resolution at all? Maybe from within the .cfg file? To me, it feels stretched (it IS stretched, right?) and it bugs me – I like to play in perfect conditions.

    I’m not sure how I should go about opening the .cfg file; I’d thought Windows Notepad/Wordpad would have opened it as text, but it doesn’t do it right.



  • stefano

    sorry how i can download virual key on my n97 mini?i’ve tried but no results….also not wiht virtual keyboard…..
    it tell me something bout the certificate….there’s no free version ??

    • techcredo

      To download Virtual Key, just click the download link in the tutorial. It’s free, but you need to sign the app first. Please read the tutorial for instructions.

  • yudha

    How about the nokia C6-00 configuration? I’m found some issue about graphics performance, that was very laggy especially on vsun emulator. Please help me to fix this issue :) (sorry for my bad english)

  • NooB

    Hi. I’m trying to run Vbag with virtual Key but it doesn’t work. “C” it’s not working as “OK”. I can open vbag’s menu and change some settings by pressing left, right, up or down, nothing else. There is a way to solve this?

  • krazooa

    there are many versions for each emulators… what do i must download for N97?

    • techcredo

      You should download the S60v3 versions of the emulators.

  • techcredo

    In theory, yes. I haven’t tried it myself, but I’ve read instructions for it somewhere. To take full advantage of these emulators, however, you really need a set of hardware keys on your device.

  • Chowder995

    Can this emulators run on Nokia 5800XM?

  • Ludo

    You can map a new {ok} button in Virtual Key by pressing it while using Virtual Keyboard.

  • A.

    using the virtual key app and your custom3 file, why does it appear as {c} => {ok}

    shouldnt it be the other way around??

    when you add a new key the format is {old key} => {new key}
    but theres no {ok} among the special characters list so virtual key doesnt work for me