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  • raz

    this emulator should work on c6 to right?

  • Reckless

    Dude this works great,no any errors and,thanks for guide.

  • LiQuiD


    Thanx alot for the guide, I Finally got these games working with sound :)

  • techcredo

    @ LiQuiD Check out the official ScummVM wiki for a list of all the various files that are required for each supported game: http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Datafiles

    Hope this helps!

  • LiQuiD

    I’ve got Scummvm installed and some games (monkey island, Sam & Max etc) installed. The problem is, that the games i’ve installed are 000 files. I’ve got Simon the sorcerer downloaded and its not a 000 file like the other games so i cant play it. Do all ScummVM games have to be 000 files and do i have to copy every file onto my phone or just the 000 file because Sam and Max has no dialogue sound while monkey island does. Any help please? thanx

  • dreni

    I Have nokia n97 but i don`t know hove to use it… i Don`t know to instal games …take my add drenny.-@live to told me please.

  • Aladdin

    wow!! thx man you are amazing and very professional!
    you made my day with this guide and have got my N97 on a totally different level with my best games of all time!

    thx again!!