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  • Bennie Crumbliss

    I like the blog, but could not discover how to subscribe to obtain the updates by email.

  • Juan Jose

    Me alegra que gente como tu sea capaz de hacer lo que nokia no sabe hacer

  • Idaho

    That’s true DJ, but unfortunately only for the Nokia N97. On the Nokia 5800 you can’t mark contacts as Favorites… At least not on the firmware version I’m running :)

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/darkoj DJ

    Tip: Instead of creating a group with a single contact it’s easier to mark specific contact as “Favourite” (go to phonebook, select contact, options-set as favourite) …by doing this, it will be listed among other favorites as first on the list when you click “send message” icon :)

  • http://www.billionauto.com/siouxfallshonda.aspx sioux falls honda

    That is really well laid out! Thanks.

  • gogo22

    great tips and have followed them all. thanks heaps!