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  • Jules

    It’s right, the drag and drop is not so bad, but if you want to do a selection, how can you do it??? but it existe GS Finder, it’s nice and looks like the same file explorer as XP. my phone (HTC CRUISE) isn’t so long to start. But that’s right, no sound profile system…. thats bad (but it’s only on WM pro, on the standart version for smartphones, it existe one) And i think it’s more intuitive that you like : you have to know only that the sart menu existe.

    ps : I love apple i’m an apple fan, I love there Macs (i have an IMAC ;) ) but, the iphone is a toy which you can listen to musik and play, thats all A WM device is to work. You can’t do an Excel file on an iphone or a word document.

  • KaNTh41

    True..I felt like that when I start using WinMo too. It’s still suck at its real purpose in every aspect…it’s A PHONE damn it.
    But now that I have customize it to my liking, I feel that I can’t live without its vast functionality.

    BTW, The amount of color supported by every WinMo are 65k colors.

  • Lucius

    I agree with the flaws in WM, but I had both Symbian 9.3 and WM6.1, and WM is a way better. I adore how tweakable WM is, especially comparing to Symbian. My X1 had some forced reboots (with the battery switched off and on:)), but if I do not tweak WM, but only use the software I have installed, it can easily go like 7-10 days with no reboot. My N95 was rebooting itself out of nothing. Just 5-6 days of use (mostly as a phone, otherwise it takes 2-3 days) and it restarts by itself.

    The problem with WM 6.1 is that it is old and prepatched WM 5.0 OS. So is WM 6.5, but with some visual improvements. I really hope for WM7 to be something new, not a WM6.5 with new skin and control features.

    Time will show, but for now, WM has lots of pros and cons, and if it does not get a lot better in 7th version, I doubt it will last that much.

  • Dr.Sid

    Agree .. and my X1 does one other great thing. It likes to eat the battery overnight. From 100% to 0. Very funny to find your phone off and empty in the morning.
    I think it has something to do with GPS because in many cases I was using some GPS app the evening before. But how can I be sure ? How can be anyone sure about anything on WM ?