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  • Samsonite801

    If you have a rooted phone, you can install a custom kernel with 7 CPU speed slots, ranging from 125mHz-1000mHz (and some can go even higher), and then you use an app called SetCPU which will then run commands to the kernel to change the CPU speed on the fly. Then you can also set profiles in SetCPU like if CPU or battery gets too hot it won’t let CPU speed exceed a certain value, or another example is a profile so when battery gets below 31% then CPU can be locked to a slower MAX speed. You set it to ‘on demand’ so it will try to run as close to the 125mHz slot until CPU load is sensed, SetCPU will instantly clock the CPU up to a faster slot (of the 7 slots). My kernel I run has the following 7 slots: 250,400,500,600,700,850,1000mHz

  • http://bGoog.com Frank

    Awesome post! I search using Black Google Mobile at http://bGoog.com to get a better battery life on my phone and to reduce my data usage to keep my bills down! I definitely have noticed a longer battery life since using only black backgrounds on my phone.

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  • Wouter

    Usefull article. Thanks

  • http://g2gadget.com Guide To Gadget

    I think the best way is how to find the best battery and keep our standard featured running well

  • techcredo

    @Tiger Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post! I have no statistics to back this up, but to me it seems that the irony of most applications designed to make the battery last longer, is that they actually will drain it quicker, since you have another app running in the background all the time. I think it’s better to have manual control, but it all depends on what kind of user you are, I suppose. If you have no idea of the measures described above, these apps might make a lot of difference :) I don’t think task managers are a good way to improve the battery life, either.

    @Jane This article is about battery consumption on Android phones, but the same general principles can be applied to the Nokia N97 as well.

  • jane

    respose to : Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Enable always-on mobile data

    i dont seem to have wireless and networks in my setting menu?

  • jane

    hi just wondering settings are different in n97 for different countries?my menu is different?? jane new zealander..

  • Tiger

    Great work on the tips – pretty much sums up nicely.

    What is your opinion on apps like Juice Defender? and Locale?

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