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  • paully d

    hey what is the clock widget that you use- i hate using the big 2x4s for a clock :/

  • http://forum.xda-developers.com/archive/index.php/t-973467.html Phil

    Can’t agree more about Clutch. Since your tweet about 1.5 almost being ready, I’ve been checking every hour for this new version [downloading it now!]

    On the web page I mentioned, I asked for Devs to make me an app to simulate the Home key, and for an app to do a Last Task function. These were to simulate what Cluck Pad does, but for other Launchers like SwipePad & Gesture Launcher.

    I did get many people asking why I would need such things when you can already click the Home key to go home, or hold & press Home for recent tasks. To me, it’s not the same. I want ONE button, one place to go to do everything.

    That’s what makes Clutch so powerful – it does it all from one spot. I don’t have to think ‘favorite apps, go here. home, click somewhere else..etc’ All it was missing was a way to add shortcuts in addition to apps (which I understand 1.5 does).

    BTW, also agree with a dev that replies back to users & listens & works with them on what features they need. This is highly under-rated by many devs that more or less ignore their users and never respond at all.

    One last thing – I’m hoping the fuction of 1.4.2’s last task hasn’t been changed to be the back arrow button. The two are not the same thing. As an example. Say I’m in Twitter. I click a link to read a web page, click to a few more pages.

    At this point, back arrow / hard button takes you to last web page. Clutch’s last tast takes you right back to Twitter. It’s the later I want, not the former.