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  • Gplayer

    Can someone help me :/ it dosent work
    please i have a nokia n97

  • wiciani

    hello, you can send mail in vBagX for n97 ^ ^? can not find it anywhere. =) thank

  • PePe

    Hi. Could someone tell me please, if the n97 d-pad is usable in JAVA games that are driven by virtual pad ?
    For example in Gameloft games such as Assasin’s Creed or Prince of Persia ?
    Gaming on virtual pad is horrible, especially on boss levels.
    I’d like to buy n97 if i could use its d-pad for gaming in JAVA games.

  • bjujko

    i would appreciate if someone could tell me where can i find those .cfg but for VSUNPLUS or how can i make ‘em on my own, i managed to get everything except those damn buttons, thanks in advance :))

  • Tam

    how are you made these configuration file?
    I want to make my own Configuration for Vampent Emulators.

  • edgar pinoy!

    uhm i think it can be applicable on n97 coz it has almost the same qwerty pad on c6-00.. n97 mini, im not sure..

  • edgar pinoy!

    hello everyone,I’m using c6-00 for almost 6 months,, i did not install virtual key on my c6, but i still can play it only on my qwerty pad on c6 itself… both vbagx,and vsun version xxxx of emulator,,i just install it,then run the ROMs/games, and afterwards while the game/ROM was started, i hold down the menu button of the phone (in the middle of the green and red button of the phone) then the minimize icon was appear on the screen and i just simply TOUCH the free surface of the screen (not on the icons the appear in the middle of the screen) but to the any other part of the screen, and the menu of the emulator has appear,yup the blue menu on the upper left of the screen..and that’s it i simply set my key on the hardware button of my phone..until now i can play various ROM/games on my c6-00 without installing virtual key.. hope this help a bit.. and sorry for my late info and sorry for bad english..thanks

  • james

    how do i customize keys on a nokia c6? it loads but i can’t seem to configure the controls that’s why i can’t play it. please do help. thanks.

  • Eriq

    Hello, techcredo. I have a n97 mini and I figured out how to access the emulator rom(backspace) AND be able to click on them to exit the game and save…:)

    Since the phone doesn’t have an ‘OK’ button, as you already know, it’s impossible but i got it..lol so if u have msn IM add me so u can add the steps on ur blog? :) or shoot me an email at

    • siyammukela

      hey can you please email me the step by step instruction on how to do that my email adress is im using a nokia n97mini

    • Bonfi96

      How? :D

  • Eriq

    also, n97 mini..when i pres the backspace it pops up the vabgx menu/optiosn on the top left where it says save exit sound etc…i cant press anything there even with virtualkey…i can raise volume n thats it cant assign new keys :S