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  • Marko

    Can someone please provide detailed info on how to register and login after installing. Ive downloaded this onto my Nokia E71 but when I try to login it asks me to register, and then when I try to register it just comes up with an empty ‘Mobile Num:’ box with the prefix +86. What number is supposed to go in this box please? Can you not just register with your email address? Please help. Thanks

  • Mike

    Hi there! been using Free iSMS for about 10 mos now. it’s a pity that it’s free no more. but as you said. it’s worth every penny. just for added info. you’re talking of v. 1.08 here, but im using v. 1.11 and it’s great! i would be happy if you can compare the two. thanks!

  • jenny ng

    hi! how do i login? super thanks

  • http://355964040974907 ali akbar

    free isms

  • Uman

    I downloaded free isms off the opda website after getting my certificate. But you register for something to get it to work properly and there is an option to sync messages under settings…what does it sync it with…should I be worried privacy wise?? Other than this fear I love it!!

    • techcredo

      Glad you like it! I no longer own a Symbian device myself, but I think the sync option only imports your older text messages. Either way, there’s no need to worry :)

  • Nini Barr

    it doesnt work on my nokia e72 :(

    • Uman

      You have to input your IMEI number on their website and wait 5 days for a certificate or pay to get it sooner.