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  • Capn Cack

    I don’t have a People app. I only have Contacts.

  • seo

    I like this information, tablet pc is very popular device in india.

  • Angela

    It worked for me! Nice to have a pic again. My only caveat is that my pic used to be linked to my FB acct, so it would be nice to have the pic linked to FB again, so I don’t have to manually change it, but this work around is better than the gray box!

  • Nick

    I even sent “me” a message and the “me” contact doesn’t have a photo but when I click on the icon it goes to the “me” contact and shows the photo!! This is so stupid! Ugh

  • Nick

    Didn’t work for me. I added a pic to the “me” contact and then went to the messaging app and there still was the icon for my picture. And when I click on the icon it says “contact doesn’t exist”. I don’t get it.