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  • J

    Pre-editing pictures based on your assumptions, not cool. But nothing Photoshop can’t fix, so thanks for the post :)

    • techcredo

      Not based on assumptions, based on the fact that the pictures would be pointless to use as Android homescreen backgrounds with their full colors intact, because of major contrast issues. That’s the reason I posted the pixelart in the first place: “Here’s a collection of eBoy pixel art that have been cropped and adjusted to serve as Android wallpapers.”

  • Ben


    Please post the original, undarkened images too :)

    • techcredo

      I’ll post them, too. Glad to be of service :)

  • K Bones

    Is there a reason they’re so dark? Only the rainbow looking one looks like the right brightness. Or is it just my browser?

    • techcredo

      The pictures have been dimmed. It’s explained in the post: “I’ve darkened the pictures, so that text on top of them will be easier to read.”

      They’re pretty useless as homescreen backgrounds otherwise.

      • Vic

        Can you please post the pictures without them dimmed? I would like them as desktop pictures too :)

  • Drew

    Been looking for these for quite some time. TY!

  • http://flashdrive.wordpress.com J

    Thanks! Been lookin’ around for these :-)