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  • Mike

    I rooted my S2 and tried to install a custom ROM – but now my phone won’t even turn on?
    I’ve tried the battery in/out hold down power+volume up+home and nothing works.
    Is it a brick now? I’m worried if I return it the warranty is void since I rooted it? How screwed am I?

  • arsalan

    um when i try to flash my stock firmware, when i click start after 1-2 mins it stops responding! why is that?

    cos i cant flash stock so i can then root because beforehand i was rooted and flashed a custom rom. i didnt like it so i restored my nandroid backup but now its stuck on boot screen with yellow triangle and only way to get it back to normal is to flash stock using odin and orginal firmware but odin “not responding” after 1-2 mins..

  • Yami Prem

    Um, my 3 letter code for step 2 is KK1. Where do I find the correct kernel?

    Guessing it’s a good guide by the looks. :)

  • http://www.androidhell.net Android Games

    Root Your Samsung Galaxy S2 Running XXLP6 Firmware Using CF-Root


  • Karen

    Have rooted my samsung galaxy s2 using foil 1.3 but forgot to flash the rom and now the phone wont charge as its gone flat so cant turn on. Any suggestions

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  • craig

    kernel on my SGS2 is …I900MUGKG2-CL….Any idea on which CF-root is required? I looked at all and none are similar..

  • Ali S

    Will this method work (i.e., has it been tested) on each variety of the GS2? e.g., Sprint, Tmobile, ATT and international versions?

  • Daniel

    I was wondering how to figure out what CF-root i need to download when all i see on my Kernel version is “” i bought it from Best buy with a 2yr contract with AT&T ???

  • dazza

    Worked Prefectly!