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  • zandy

    I’m afraid I agree with the sentiments in this article for 2 reasons. The most annoying was due to Apple’s purchase of the company Emagic and their dropping of all further development of Logic (and other applications) on the PC (after having spent over £1000 on the lifetime of the software before the takeover). The “compensation” they offered (which amounted to deals on old spec Apple gear) where laughable, quite frankly and I will never buy an Apple product until they compensate me properly. The second reason, is as you mention above, since I’ve been working in the technology industry for 25 years, I have demands of my tech, that Apple just cannot meet and never will as long as they continue to sell “consumer” grade goods.

  • Adam

    Almost everything what you say is false! :)) Apple makes the best computers and phones in the world, they are not just shiny things Apple is not a blond girl, and this is not just hype! This is the art of designing what you will never understand if you don’t see the world as it is. Most of the people aren’t programmers and hardcore developers, most of the people don’t know what’s a browser man! :)) That’s why their devices are so easy to use. They say Google is their browser, why do you want complicated devices? Simple is the best for everyone! Choices maybe are a bit limited but I don’t think so, what’s made for a mac it works not like in PC’s especially Windows, I don’t use Linux but I don’t like console stuff :)). Anyway I think nothing can be compared to Apple’s devices! And something else if you are a serious man you will never go for a business meeting with an ugly black box. Trust me everyone admires you if you appear with a Macbook Pro ;), Only poor and silly people say that Apple is shit. And something something else, everyone has the right to choose whatever they want Apple is a choice PC is a choice it’s up to you don’t write stupid articles just because you hate Apple. It’s a shame on you not on Apple.

  • techcredo

    @EdBoyWW I appreciate the feedback!
    2. That might be the case, but if Apple only allowed their users to do more, perhaps they would? You should at least have the option, and if you don’t want to use these features, that’s fine. I think it’s wrong to underestimate an audience.
    6. It was meant as a joke. It doesn’t matter :)
    7. It isn’t bad, although it is indeed a reason why I would never by a product from Apple.
    8. I agree.

  • http://twitter.com/edboyww EdBoyWW

    retweeted, but:
    2. arguments about limited capabilities of ipad: isnt that all an “average” computer user want to do, with his device?
    6. who cares?
    7. Why is it bad?
    8. the market needed the iphone to realize how to handle tha mobile user interface problem properly

  • Atomicsnare

    I have to agree, it’s brilliant and speaks for the masses.

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  • http://www.google.com/profiles/breathless.tao Breathless

    Honestly, it’s the piece of writing I could never write myself – I’d lose it at about 25% and from then on it’d be nothing but a personal rant, cursing even the footprints of every single freakin’ crApple-fanboy/-girl.
    But you, I think, managed to sum up all that’s wrong with crApple and everything that makes it so freakin’ hateful.
    Congrats & thank you.